The Luscious Land of Byron Bay

Whilst traveling the East Coast of Australia we were lucky enough to visit the beautiful town of Byron Bay. A place of magic and mystery, Byron Bay is located on the Gold Coast. Unless anyone has visited Byron it is hard to describe the town other than think magical free loving hippie's who are welcoming and caring about the people of the town and the visitors who come to it.

The majority of food is organic and the people are into yoga - which suits this little town to the ground. It is an idyllic place for anyone seeking a sensual balance or relaxation in their lives. 

I personally loved the laid back atmosphere compared to my chaotic city life.

So here's the question of "what can I do in Byron Bay?"

Byron Bay Look Out & Light House

The look out and light house in Byron Bay is a must see! I recommend walking through the beautiful beach to see the all the local surfers and yoga lovers practising their hobbies. Then you hike up through a intimate rain forest ) and of course lots of steep hills and steps...but when you get to the top it's safe to say the juice is very much worth the squeeze. I recommend also taking lots of water with you - in particular on a hot day as you will melt!

Also whilst on the little visit you can visit the most easterly point in Australia which is pretty cool and is worth a visit as it is on the way to the beautiful light house!

Byron Bay Kayaking

As I have mentioned Byron Bay is a place on earth were all creatures and people are at one. So it comes as no supprise that you can actually go kayaking with dolphins and whales! Once again this is a must experience as you really get up close and personal with them.

Byron Bay Bars

Due to the amount of travellers and backpackers who make their way to Byron Bay of course they are going to have a line of epic bars.... Cheeky Monkeys Bar was by far my favourite!

A Trip to Nimbin

Well....if you think Bryon is a place of "free love" you should see Nimbin... however I will save this place for another blog me a paragraph is not enough to explain the wild & wacky world of Nimbin.

These are just simply the things that interested me when visiting Byron Bay, as well as this there are many other places and sites for you to see, such as surfing classes, yoga classes, art classes the list is endless...
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