Delightful Dalyan: Turkey

As I previously mentioned within Eat Travel Love, my bags, clothes and travel guides were packed as I recently took a trip to Turkey with four of my dearest girlfriends.

Such a beautiful country, with green trees, aqua seas and very hot weather conditions. Other than the usual sun, sea and cocktails, myself and me group of besties decided to get a little cultural whilst relaxing in the Turkish sunshine and so we took a trip to Dalyan.

Located three hours away from Bodrum, Dalyan is a small coastal place that is influenced by Greek culture. Dalyan is surrounded by beautiful rivers with thick reed bushes (almost like something out of a bible story) against the beautiful limestone rock. Whilst in Dalyan we did some of the must see things.

Turkish Mud Baths
At the bargain price of 5tl or £3 to get in, this place is a popular tourist attraction, even popular with celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, the Turkish baths have a deep mud bath pool along with a few more thermal pools to soak and revive the skin.

Kaunos Rock Tombs 
Such a stunning site to see, built into the limestone rocks are the Tombs for the dead kings of Kaunos.  As we travelled along the rivers we came to these almost hidden caves - when built for the kings and queens they represented extreme wealth and importance - as you can see in the images, the small (or rather large upfront) wholes were due to looters in the late 1900's who abseiled down the mountain and dug into the rocks to take out all the treasures, materials and money.  

Turtle Beach

When making our way through the Dalyan river which eventually reached a sandbank by the sea. This beach is also known as "the Turtle’s Beach" and has a special nature centre,dedicated to the breeding sea turtles. 

Unfortunately we didn't see any see turtles as the season is a little early for mating - but no the less it is still a beautiful beach and area. 

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