A Mystical Road to Rhodes

Since writing my last blog post, on my soon to be adventure to Turkey, it has made me think about my trip last summer to the fabulous Rhodes. Since being a little girl I have always loved to here the tales of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, so the prospect of getting to visit one of these made me feel extremely happy.

Rhodes is an island, not too far away from Turkey as it happens, that sits off the coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea. Rhodes is also quite infamous for it's scandalous party town of Faliraki; however I stayed 30 minutes out of the stunning Rhodes Old Town in a beautiful resort with lovely Greek staff.

What to do in Rhodes?

As I am a bit of a loser, I went into a book store and read up on all the good sites and places to see in the Greece and Rhodes Travel Guides. Yes this is a little bit of a sad thing to do, but I don't really look for the main stream activities to do whilst in Rhodes and I certainly don't book through commercial tourism companies, as I believe the locals deserve their money and tourism.

Anyway...back to the point. So we arrived in Rhodes at the beginning of June and safe to say the weather did not disappoint. Stunning Aqua Green waters, bright and energetic flowers and pebbly white beaches surrounded us. ( I think I may have found a new place to live)

We wanted to experience as much of Rhodes as we could and of course get a little tan along the way. So here is a list of great things to do when in Rhodes.

Visit the ruins of Rhodes old town

This day was beautiful as we jumped into a taxi and drove into the old town of Rhodes. A combination of high street stores, local Greek restaurants and old ancient ruins. I ate lunch at on old greek resturant that over looked the harbour of Rhodes. The food in Greece is out of the world! I had a feta cheese and beef tomato salad (by far one of the best salads/meals I have ever had)

We walked around the walled city of Rhodes, up and down the beautiful cerulean blue streets, ancient temples and columns of the ancient Greeks. We visited the temple of Aphrodite, The Palace of Grand Masters, Ippokratous Square and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. 

Valley of the Butterfly's

This place was a stunning forest set up in the hills of Rhodes, after a hours taxi ride (around 50 euros), we arrived at the Valley of the Butterflys. We were a little too early in the season to actually see any of them. However this day was still very beautiful as we spotted a few butterflies fluttering about as we were sounded by waterfalls and rainforest. 

(One little extra about this rainforest was the cute little crabs that lived there. They camouflage themselves into the sand and rocks but if you look closely you can see them. As you take the trek up through the rainforest you also come to the top of a hill, where the idyllic white chapel sits on top of a hill by an orange tree. (Of course you can pay to have a glass of orange) and overlook the beautiful island of Rhodes from the hight hill top.  

As we were only in Rhodes for one week we didn't have much time to fully explore much more of the island. However if you are planning a  weeks holiday and would like something to do, these are my top things to try. 
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