Thailand: Koh Samui

Take Me Away: Koh Samui

Whilst travelling on my epic adventure around the world I visited the amazing Koh Samui Island in Thailand. This cute and idilic little island is situated off the coast of Surat Thani  and can be accessed by a short boat ride.

Koh Samui is the third largest islands throughout Thailand and is renowned for being filled with coconuts, land sandy beached and erotic rocks. (All will be shown below).

What to do in Koh Samui

Elephant Trekking: Whilst travelling around Thailand, me and my travel buddy bear, were very lucky enough to experience riding on an elephant throughout the Thai jungle. 

Possibly one of the greatest days of my life so far, the little tuk tuk van picked us up around 8.00 from our beautiful hostel. We were driven with another Irish couple who were travelling around Thailand for 3 weeks. 

The elephants were very strong and supportive - I thought once we both got on the elephant it would colapse - it look us through the beautiful Thai jungle, through water falls and rocks to green bushes and muddy waters. 

The entire experience is definitely one I would recommend. 

Football Golf: This was a great experience and pretty much speaks for itself. Imagine playing a round of golf in some serious heat and humidity and combine using the holes with footballs and kicking the balls around the pitch rather than uses a gold club. 

Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks: This was quite a different experience, whilst out walking along the beaches, me and the travel bear found some famous land marks to Koh Samui, the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks. 

Yes these sound perfectly innocent however the are actually erotic formed rocks. Take a look at my pictures below. 

Need More Temptation For Koh Samui?

If what I have said hasn't tempted you enough then take a look at this Thailands-Inseln video. I would tell anyone to try to visit Thailand at least once in you life. If you want paradise then this is it.

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