Je T'amie Paris...

I have always loved the Parisian way of life. Recently a friend of mine was reading a book on the tails of Paris over the years. To which she informed me it's not as sweet as it all may seem... But to me Paris is perfect.

I have been very fortunate to visit there twice, well 3 times actually but I was 8 and going to Disneyland Paris, but the "grown up times" that I went were by far some of the most amazing times of my life!

Paris Part One: 

My first trip to Paris was whilst travelling throughout Europe with the Bear (my travel partner for all rights and purposes)this paris trip was pretty much paris in 24 which let me tell you...was a bit of a struggle!

Paris Part Two: 

My second trip to Paris was certainly different and its safe to say this is the Paris trip that I should have experience the first time round! Of course it was spent with the girls, which in my opinion is the only way to see Paris!

Day One:
This day was spend visiting Notre Dame, walking along the Siene and eating a (a lot) of cafes throughout Paris...I think my good friend Nils must have eating them out of creme breules and of course taking a trip up into Le Tour de Effiel!

The night time we went for a beautiful meal to the stunning Buddha Bar restaurant ( but shorty after visited McDonaldS as we were all still starving! Haha

Day Two:
This day we dragged out (slightly hungover) bums out to Paris's superb art museums Le Louvre and Le Pompodo, followed by more creme brueles and a lovely meal at out local restaurant. This was my first encounter with the tasty fragua?

Day Three: 
this was such as special day to me, we got the train back up to Montmartre and went visit le sac le cour - such a stunning building - as we were doing that we strolled through the beautiful little Parisian streets and found a wine and cheese shop - which safe to safe we all stacked up on :)

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