Happiness is real when shared...

Whilst travelling in Thailand I watched the film "Into The Wild" and soon after I had to purchase the book to read the memoirs of this great man. I was struck by it's sheer brilliance and direct realness to what it's like to travel the world. With such beauty can come such loneliness.

Each year thousands of people quit their jobs, pack their backpacks and say goodbye to their loved ones to travel the world. Yet I find that the truth is these people go in search of new and different people to share their life's with.

Something which Alexander Super tramp or Chris McCandless, as he was known to his family, realised when his life tragically ended in an abandoned coach in Alaska in 1992. Chris travelled the America is search of something new, seeking a new group of friends and a new way of life.

Once watching the film I soon became obsessed with Chris's final words, as they stuck with me like a deep scar in my mind.

"Happiness is real when shared." - I have never travelled alone, I have always had my partner in crime with me, however I do often think I would love to do this. But then I think of Chris's words and he is right. These times and experiences are something to be shared with people forever.

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