About Me

Welcome to the world, my world, of Eat Travel Love.

My name is Steph, but some of you may know me by my nickname, Gwen (this was given to me by my witty husband linking ‘Gwen Stefani’ together). In all honesty, I don’t really care which name you call me by, either is ok by me.

So who am I? Well, I’m a twenty something blogger who has been (very) blessed to see a whole lot of this great big world. Over the years, I have travelled to numerous destinations across Europe, America, Central America, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand; with a few random places thrown in between.  

If you’re on reading this, then you may be intruded as to what my little 5’3 self is rambling on about. Well, here you will find tips, advice and experiences on a whole host of things from travel to fashion to beauty to home to food.

In short, I will be discussing things that I EAT. TRAVEL and LOVE. 

So thank you for stopping by for checking my blog, and you can follow my adventures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or simply sending me an email.

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